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6 Questions Before You Start a Machine Shop Website

If you are a manufacture of carbide tools & threading tools, lathe tools, woodturning tool and trepan tools you must have a website for marketing purposes. After I have put up my website, followed I have noticed I have converted quite a few leads into customers.
I have received some questions from my colleagues about why one needs to create a website for a Medium Scale industry manufacturing Carbide Tools & Threading tools. They seem have a wrong impression that a website is only for display purposes and nothing to do with marketing.
Below are 6 questions I frequently ask colleagues just getting started to build their website for marketing purposes:
1. Are you a manufacturer or a distributor and who are your primary customers?

2. How big is your industry and what message is to be conveyed to your audience?

3. Do you know what information your customer is looking for and how you can try and convert a visitor to a lead?

4. Do you take some time to write some technical blogs about your business?

5. Do you try and add some videos about your company so that the visitor gets a virtual tour of your company?

6. Can you try and update your website by blogging at least once in a week/fortnight?

A website is just a marketing tool for you to get found by people. One needs to effectively utilize this tool to the maximum to run your business in today’s world.

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