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5 Rules Distributors of Carbide, Woodworking, and Lathe Tools Must Follow

1. Where does the sourcing company (manufacturer) source the raw materials?

Every distributor needs to focus more on the quality of tools. It is the raw material which drives this quality of tools. Tectools does not compromise on raw materials and sources its raw materials from Europe and Kennametal India.

2. Can the sourcing company (manufacturer) offer a quick turnaround time for the manufacturing of tools?

It is very important that the sourcing company has the bandwidth to manufacturer tools and provide a quick turnaround time. Tectools has a production capacity of around 40,000 tools/ month and provides a quick turnaround time.

3. Can the sourcing company (manufacturer) offer International Quality of tools at very competitive prices?

To compete in this global environment every manufacturer must provide best quality tools at the best prices. Tectools strives to provide the best quality of tools at the best prices.

4. How long have the founders of the sourcing company (manufacturer) been in the cutting tool industry?

It is very important that clients deal with people who have a very clear understanding of the requirement. The founders of Tecools have been in this cutting tool industry for more than 35 years. They have a very clear understanding of the client’s requirements as Tectools have been supplying to various clients for the past 25 years.

5. How old is the sourcing company (manufacturer)?

The older the company the better it is (Think like Google, they provide more value to order websites/domain names than newer ones.) Tectools has been in the cutting tool industry for the past 25 years and are Kennametal’s preferred supplier for South East Asia and India for 25 years.


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