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The Rapidly Increasing Demand for Metalworking Tools

The demand for metalworking tools in the industrialized countries worldwide has been increasing over the past several decades. Metalworking has a very long history – it has evolved through several cultures and civilizations. In today’s very industrialized world, the demand for metalworking tools is stronger than ever before.

What is metalworking? Metalworking refers to a process whereby metals are used to create different types of parts, assemblies or big structures.  Generally, metalworking is a broad term that includes a broad range of work, namely making small tools, producing specific engine parts, building large structures such as bridges and ships, and even making fine jewellery, among others.

Metalworking can be categorized into three main processes, namely cutting, forming and joining.

  • Metal cutting processes include milling, drilling, tapping and turning.
  • In forming, a form tool is precision-machined into a pattern that is similar to the part to be formed.
  • In joining, the process of joining metals is achieved through the application of heat energy.

For each of these processes, there are specific tools, machines, processes and suitable raw materials that are used to create particular work pieces which have specific uses. Different sets of skills are required in each of these processes.

According to Wikipedia1, “Metal working is a science, art, hobby, industry and trade”. Metalworking is considered to be a science because it is based on scientific principles that are followed in specific metalworking processes. It is an art in the sense that a lot of design expertise is used in metalworking to create wide range pieces of different shapes and sizes. Metalworking is also a very popular hobby – there are many people who are metal working enthusiasts, with fully-equipped workshops at their homes where they make different types of metal work pieces for their own use or for selling.

On a wider scale, metalworking is a large industry and trade – it manufactures important parts and components that are used in many engineering industries, from aviation to construction industries. As significant advances have been made in science and in all industries, the demand for metalworking tools has also increased.

As the demand for high quality metalworking tools has been increasing during the past few decades, it is essential for metalworking companies to provide top quality products.

Why it is essential for you to buy metal working tools of high standards? High quality metalworking tools are important for your business because they can help you increase production efficiency. As a result, you will have less waste and lower materials costs, which means more profits for your business. By using top quality tools, you will be able to produce products that meet your specifications.

Our company, TecTools, provides top quality tools to meet our customers’ requirements. Our popular product lines include a wide range of turning tools, grooving and recessing tools, threading tools, boring tools, trepan tools and wear pads. Our tools are used in a wide range of applications in the engineering industry, namely machining, which includes boring, deep hole boring, facing, turning, grooving, external and internal thread cutting, parting off, recessing, planing and trepanning.

We supply our products to customers from all parts of the world, and we can supply customized tools to meet your requirements.

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