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The Amazing Advantages of Using Carbide Cutting Tools

Carbide cutting tools, also known as carbide tipped cutting tools, are a type of cutting tools that are used as metal cutting tools for a wide range of materials on CNC Lathes, Turret lathes, Vertical Turret lathes, Engine lathes and Chuckers.

Carbide cutting tools’ edges are of carbide tips which are brazed onto steel bodies. This means they have higher levels of resistance to wear, and they can have a long working life. They are also effective when used in longer production runs. These tools are robust in construction and are primarily used for rough and finish turning operations.

Using carbide cutting tools has several advantages:

  • Carbide tipped tools are more efficient and cost effective compared to high speed tools because they retain their cutting edge hardness at high machining temperatures which are generated by high cutting speeds.
  •  Carbide tools have a longer working life because they have higher resistance to wear.
  •  When you use carbide tools, you can achieve a better surface finish quality.
  • Carbide tipped tools are more cost effective than solid carbide because they are more durable. Solid carbide tools tend to crack if there are hard spots in the work piece being machined. On the other hand, in carbide tipped tools, tough tool steel body can prevent fractures that would normally occur on solid carbide tools.
  • Carbide tipped tools are less expensive in comparison to solid carbide. This is because although carbide tipped tools use higher quality and more expensive carbide, it is only the cutting edge which is carbide, and less costly tough steel is used in the shank. This means that the overall cost is usually substantially less than solid carbide tools.

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