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Amazing!! Some Carbide Tools, Threading Tools, Lathe Tools & Wood Working Tools distributors & clients who found me tell me they have seen my tools before!!!!

I have been in the manufacturing industry for the last 35 years and we started Tectools 25 years ago. A new client of mine in the United States sent me an email suggesting that the tools I just shipped to him looked very familiar to the tools he was purchasing for the past 20+ years. I really don’t know if this was a coincidence or he may have got it from various distributors that I supplied to.

Back in 1980’s and 1990’s for every company to grow, the location was the prime factor. Every city’s infrastructure was the primary driver for small businesses to grow. The better the infrastructure of every city, the more the people the city would attract, small business could thrive.

Today location is still a prime factor for a business to thrive but not the only factor. Companies like took the advantage of the world wide web and successfully sell most products at the best rates. Our goal is to take our company virtually to the client (by Video’s, Blogs and our Website) so that the client can have an understanding of who we are and what Tectools do. We are still at the incipient stages and are hopeful that we can accomplish this task successfully in the future.

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