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It’s not all about making Money!

It is disappointing see a lot of manufacturing companies who manufacture rigid tools, carbide tools, lathe tools, woodturning tools, carbide drill bits and trepan tools who try and take the easy path and make cold calls to a client and wait for weeks to get some kind of a response. What they don’t realize is there is opportunity out there to get found using the web effectively.
If you are a large manufacturing company and a manufacturer of cutting tools & threading tools, lathe tools, carbide insert & carbide burrs the best way to attract clients is to engage the clients with technical blogs.
At Tectools we have been focusing on technical blogs for a while and our results have been very positive. Once a potential customer is interested in us we provide free samples to them for their approval and evaluation. It is very important for clients to view the quality of tools we provide. Throughout this interaction with the client we actually make the potential client feel valued. There are cases where I have had people contact me about how to manufacture some tools, I have offered my advice on ways to manufacture tools effectively. It’s not just all about getting orders, but more about building a relationship with clients.

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