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10 Applications of Brazed Carbide Tools and Bits

Carbide tipped tools are used widely in
1] Mining of Coal, Iron Ore and other ores in the form of Augurs, Cutter Picks, Coal Picks etc.
2] Weld bead removal of Electrical Resistance Welded steel tubes.
3] Aircraft component machining.
4] Cutting off knives in machines that mass produce fasteners, needle roller and other types of bearings.
5] Heavy duty planning machines and roll turning lathes for steel mills and heavy engineering industries.
6] Fine boring machines where the corner radii of the tools are very small.
7] Single spindle and multi spindle automatic lathes that mass produce components with profiled grooves and forms.
8] Chisels that are used in making rough, medium and smooth files.
9] Revolving Centers and Dead Centers.
10] Wood working tools and cutters.
11] Machining of steel, cast iron, aluminium and non ferrous components for all types of industries.

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