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Precise production of components and parts for CNC Machines

There are 2 methods of manufacturing.
(a) The Conventional Method.
The Conventional Methods are used for production of small batches, very large components, relies heavily on the skill of the workman to produce precision machined components, is time consuming and hence increases production costs. It is still used in many countries for making semi finished components and stock removal prior to finish machining.
(b) The Modern Method
Modern methods use CNC Machines to carry out production of components to perfection.
Production times and labor cost are reduced and the near perfect products are produced.
The Modern machining method allows for high volume manufacturing of products and allows for fully automated machining processes such as turning, milling, drilling and reaming in one setting.
This method of manufacturing can create highly consistent products and at the same time allowing for more detail in a timely and efficient manner.
Use of CNC Machines at TecTools:
We at Tectools bought our first CN machine during the 1990’s. We use our CNC Machines to perform the following Operations.
1. Milling Operations
2. Turning. Drilling and Reaming Operations
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