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10 Tips on Regrinding of Carbide & Lathe Tools

1] Wipe the Cutting Tools with a wet cloth to remove all loose particles.

2] De burr the Shank portion of the Cutting Tools.

3] Inspect for wear on the cutting edges of the Carbide Tipped tool.

4] If heavily damaged/ broken, discard the Carbide Tools & Lathe Tools.

5] If the cutting edges are worn out:

a] Relieve the steel portion under the Carbide tip suitably by grinding the flanks on the steel portion using a tool grinding machine with a 46 grit Aluminium Oxide grinding wheel.

b] De burr the shank.

6] Grind the top face and the side cutting faces 0f the tool using a resin bonded diamond wheel having a grit size of 126 and a concentration of minimum 75 as per the angles indicated in our catalogue.

7] Inspect to ensure that worn out areas on the carbide tip have been removed fully while grinding

8] Inspect for all angles as per our Tectools Catalogue for Carbide Tools & Lathe Tools

9] Grind the corner radius as per instructions in our catalogue.

10] To enhance the strength and life of carbide tools that are used for machining of steel components, it is recommended to round off the cutting edges of the carbide tip to max 0.02 mm.

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