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How to improve productivity in Machine Shops

1] Layout the machines to suit the product being made or create groups of machines for Turning, Milling, Drilling, Boring, Grinding and other such operations so as to minimize movement of materials to save time, effort and money.

2] Keep all raw materials, cutting toolscarbide tools, consumables and inspection instruments in appropriate places and maintain a clean floor.

3] Ensure all machines are fitted with automatic or hand operated lubricating systems which will keep the machines in good condition through their working life.

4] Carry out and record inspection of raw materials, in-process materials and finished products prior to dispatch.

5] All inspection instruments and gauges must be periodically calibrated before use to avoid rejections of components and to ensure consistently good quality.

6] Set a target to reduce internal rejections after doing an ABC analysis and review A and B items frequently and C items once every month.

7] Draw up a preventive maintenance plan for all machines and carry out checks daily or weekly or monthly depending on their importance.

8] Record all verbal or written complaints and take corrective action immediately and set and meet target dates for preventive action to ensure that the complaint does not recur.

9] Purchase only required raw materials, tools and consumables that are essential for the manufacturing activity.

10] Create a good environment and motivate people to work efficiently.

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