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The Importance of Cylinder Boring In Machinery

Boring is one of the main operations used in the machining industry. The process of boring involves enlarging a hole that has already been drilled or cast, and this is done using a single-point cutting tool or a boring head with several single-point cutting tools. Boring is used in situations where a high level of accuracy is required on the diameter of a hole, and can also be used to create a tapered hole.

There are two types of boring. The first type is line boring which is used when the existing hole is a through hole and the boring bar is supported on both ends. The second type is back boring which is a process of boring through a pre-existing hole.

Cylinder boring tools are carbide cutting tools which are used as metal cutting tools in machine shops. Cylinder boring tools are also known as lathe tools or line boring tools. They are used on a wide range of materials on Engine lathes, Chuckers, Turret Lathes and Vertical turret lathes.

In what situations are cylinder boring tools used?

After extended use of bore cylinders, the walls of the cylinder may become scratched, cracks may occur, and the cylinders can become worn out, and this affects performance. In this situation, cylinder boring is required.

Cylinder boring machines can be used for re-boring or repairing engine cylinders of automobiles, motor cycles, small tractors, boats and snowmobiles. They are also used for boring the inner hole of cylinder sleeve of cars or tractors and boring the cylinder hole of internal combustion engine. Whether you are re-building or repairing, cylinder boring is essential.

TecTools manufactures several types of boring tools. These are metal cutting tools used in machine shops on a wide range of materials on Turret lathes, Vertical Turret Lathes, Engine lathes and Chuckers. They are as follows:

  • Lathe tools or boring tools which are primarily used for boring operations on components.
  • Carbide tools or boring tools which are mostly used for boring operations where a square stepped shoulder is required in the bore.
  • Boring bits or boring tools [45 degree], cylinder boring tools or Boring tools [60 degree] are carbide cutting tools which are also known as line boring tools, and are mainly used for fine boring operations.

TecTools supplies these boring tools in customized grades to meet specific customer requirements.

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