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Benefits of Using Trepanning Tools for Deep Hole Drilling

A trepan is basically a drill that is used to cut an annulus and leave a centre core. A trepan tool is a carbide cutting tool which is used as a metal cutting tool for varied materials where deep hole boring and cutting large diameters is needed. A trepan tool creates an annular hole without cutting up to the centre and without removing the core material.

Trepans normally have one carbide tip, and they sometimes rely on water to cool down the cutting tips and remove chip from the hole being created.

Trepanning is typically used for creating holes with larger diameters, and they are used where a standard drill bit is either not economical or feasible. Trepanning is a great substitute if you cannot push solid drilling tools.

Trepanning is done on products that are flat, namely sheet metal, rods, plates or any ferrous or non ferrous materials. Sometimes trepanning is used to create grooves for placing seals such as O-rings.

Using trepanning tools for deep hole drilling has several advantages:

  • Less effort is required when using trepanning tools, compared to when using other types of drills. In a drilling operation, boring through metals is required to create the hole that is to be drilled, and this needs a lot of effort. On the other hand, in a trepanning operation, the trepanning tool cuts out a cylinder, which require less effort.
  • A trepan tool cuts out a cylinder, and does not cut out the whole area to be drilled. This means that cleaning the working area when using a trepanning tool is easy and fast because there are normally fewer shavings when a trepan tool is used, compared to drills. Since they are few shavings, you can continue with your drilling without needing to stop to remove the shaving.
  • Trepanning tools are indexable, and this means your trepan tools will be adaptable and versatile, and can be used in creating different types of holes and diameters.
  • Trepanning tools have very close tolerances, which means you can cut with higher levels of accuracy.
  • The cylinder which is removed using a trepanning tool is easy to handle and use, and it may be used as a raw material for making a different product.

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