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The Main Aspects of Drill Bits

Drill bits are tools used in creating cylindrical holes. Bits are held a drill which rotates the bits and provide an axial force which then creates a hole. There are also specialized bits dedicated for creating holes that are non-cylindrical.

Although drill bits can be made in any customized size a client may need, there are standard sizes of drill bits which manufacturers normally produce. Relevant standards’ organizations stipulate the sizes of drill bits that are conventionally manufactured and stocked.

There a several aspects to a drill bit’s geometry:

  • The rate of twist in the drill, also known as the spiral, controls the rate of chip removal in a drill.
  • The angle formed at the tip of the drill, also referred to as the point angle, which is influenced by the material the drill will be operating in. A larger point angle is used on harder materials while softer materials normally need a sharper angle. Having the correct point angle for the hardness of the material is very important because it controls the shape of the hole; wear rate, chatter, wandering and other characteristics of the drill.
  • The lip angle determines the amount of support provided to the cutting edge. A bigger lip angle enables the drill to do a more aggressive cut under similar point pressure, compared to a drill that has a relatively smaller lip angle.

Some of the common types of drill bits used in metal, wood, plastic, and other materials are:

  • Twist drill bits which have a cutting point at the cylindrical shaft’s tip
  • Core drill bit which is used to enlarge an existing hole
  • Center drill bits which are used to create an initial hole for a drill bit of a larger size
  • Step drill bits which have the tip ground down to a different diameter
  • Unibit, also known as step bit, which is a conical bit with a stair-step profile, and can be used for drilling a wide range of hole sizes
  • Lip and spur drill bit which are used for drilling in wood
  • Indexable drill bits which are mainly used in CNC machines and other equipments with high precision

A wide range of materials is used in making drill bits, depending on the required application. Some of the commonly used materials are:  soft low carbon steel, high speed steel, cobalt steel alloys and tungsten carbide and other carbides.

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